Prefold diapers: For Those on the Go

Prefold diapers are essentially large square pieces of fabric that have been folded into a more suitable size from the larger sheet that they’re made of. Since they’re already folded (hence the name prefold diapers) they save parents from the hassles that other diapers cause. They’re convenient, time saving, and more efficient than other diapers of the same cost. They are available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of babies of different age groups.

These diapers have layers of fabric that absorb moisture and dry quickly. The centre strip of the diaper usually contains eight layers of fabric to maximise absorption. The side flaps are made of four layers to prevent any leakage. These diapers can be tied in various ways to ensure that the baby is comfortable and has enough space to move flexibly and comfortably.

Prefold diapers are easy to wash and reuse. Most diapers can be put into a separate laundry load in the washing machine, making them convenient to clean as well. However, these diapers tend to shrink in size after washing because of the fabric they are made of.

These diapers are commonly made from cotton and other light and soft fabrics. They are primarily made keeping the baby’s comforts in mind. They are easier to carry around because of they are light in weight and simple in shape, and can be easily folded into or placed in carrier bags and luggage. prefold diapers are convenient not only for infants but also their parents.